About Me

Sabrina Fuchshuber

I’m currently on a break and requests for bookings will be referred to colleagues.

Working on a new offering which will be more specialist, specific and individual. Wait for a new updated page and treatments offered from April 2024.

About my background so far:

I started in homeopathy 13 years ago, went from there to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and then added Yoga instructor and Mindfulness Coach and professional Counselor to my portfolio. I’m a certified NLP practitioner,  Reiki Master and energy healer. All those tools are in my eyes most important for healing and combined with Hypnotherapy game changing.

I’m very thankful for having followed this path; it gave me the insight I needed to understand that if I wanted to help clients make a change in their life for the better, I needed another and more efficient tool. With hypnosis, as used in hypnotherapy, I found this tool, which could be combined with my previously learned skills.

Time is precious and none of us wants to waste it. The disciplines that I learned before have great value, but to see a change for the better with them takes time. My goal was to find a way to bring about a more rapid result. With hypnotherapy in combination of it all I created a new way and more powerful technique. Which makes it possible, sometimes even to change things overnight, easily and with minimum effort, because it is the subconscious mind that does the work. It is not necessary to visit therapists for years to learn how to let go of the past, or to spend a long time training your conscious mind.

It is possible to reach a goal with hypnotherapy much quicker than most people would expect. That’s why I believe in and love my profession. I can use all of the experience I have gathered over the years and use hypnosis to help clients take the first step on to a new path, a new life: a life where they are not held back by old programming and where a joyful future is possible.

It is always a great pleasure to me when I can help others and do something good. There is no better feeling for me than when a client walks out of my treatment room happy and ready to live their life free of fear, stress or negative mental limitations.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your first steps into a NEW life.